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Scholar Awards

Scholar Awards

Below is a sample of awards received by Scholars at each of our sites. This is not an exhaustive list, and this section will be updated regularly.

University of California, Los Angeles

Kia Skrine Jeffers, PhD, RN (Cohort 2016-2018): Was awarded $40,000 from the California Arts Council to develop, produce, and evaluate a research-based play, 2017

Andrea Garcia, MD (Cohort 2016-2018): Was sworn in to Los Angeles City/County Native American Indian Commission (LANAIC), November 2017.

UCLA NCSP Cohort 2017-2019: Was awarded $10,000 by the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health for their project, “Public Health Firearm Policy and Mortality: A Longitudinal Investigation to Advance Evidence-Based Policy Advocacy”

University of Michigan

Daphna Stroumsa, MD, MPH (Cohort 2017-2019): Received the Outstanding Teaching Award from Henry Ford Hospital, 2017

Lindsay Admon, MD (Cohort 2016-2018): Received the BCBS Foundation of Michigan, Physician Investigator Research Award, 12/2017 - 11/2018

Brian Stagg, MD (Cohort 2016-2018): Received the Heed Fellowship Award, 2017

University of Pennsylvania

Danielle Erkoboni-Wilbur, MD (Cohort 2016-2018): Was named an Emerging Research Scholar by Bridging the Word Gap Research Network, Kansas City, Kansas, 2017

Jane Zhu, MD (Cohort 2016-2018): Was selected as a Presidential Scholar for the Committee on Advocacy and Public Policy Research by AcademyHealth, 2017

Jordan Harrison (Cohort 2016-2018): Received a $10k pilot grant from the Leonard Davis Institute at the University of Pennsylvania for her pilot project “Quality and Cost of Inpatient Nurse Practitioner-Led Care”, 2018

Yale University

Eric Brandt, MD (Cohort 2018-2020): Received the American College of Cardiology (ACC) Young Investigator Award in Outcomes Research, 2020

Leo Lopez, MD (Cohort 2018-2020): Received the 2019 Young Physician of the Year Award from the National Hispanic Medical Association, 2019

Jamine Travers, PhD, AGNP-C, RN CCRN (2018-2020 Cohort): Received the Career Development award from the Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program, 2019